About Us

Because this website is a personal website, I decided to write a little bit about us.

I Alin, was born in Arad, Romania in 1980, not going to tell you the month, because I am not ready to receive all those gifts that you guys are ready to send me.

There was a time in my life that I do not recollect much from, but then there are some moments when i remember some things I did, like skipping Kindergarten (yes, way before university) and other proud moments of my childhood. Then Sorin came on board, he is my cousin. I wish I had more control over his life at certain turning points; he would've come out a different person.

I went to German Kindergarten, Liceul German Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn, Arad, Romania.

I didn't get to finish that highschool because we came to Canada where I spent 11 years of my life, wonderful years of schooling and enjoyment.

After I was done with schooling and started working for an Adjusting company in Kitchener. I met Chrissy (my wife) in 2007 in September, went out for a very short time for some people a long time for others, and in November, last day that is, I asked her to marry me. She happily accepted, and we got married June 7th 2008.

I am still trying to decide all that i want to post on this site, I have so many ideas, and then they all become a blur. What you won't find is Mellaleuca or Aloe Vera or Vector Marketing products. Oh yes I did sell knives, a good 3 in total i believe, then I worked for Rotary Children's Center where I cut a lot of grass, painted using toxic paint, ah and collecting garbage it was indeed a great life experience.

By the way going back to Mellaleuca and Aloe Vera I always wondered how exactly can they make soap, protein bars, rat poison, hamburgers, fish salad, tomatoes, asphalt out of these plants. If anyone can tell me that, email me.

In conclusion, I am a software developer, married to a dentist.

...more to come....including pictures.

Thanks for your time and thanks for visiting.